There will be no immediate Ten Hag revolution at United.  It is a journey

There will be no immediate Ten Hag revolution at United. It is a journey

There will be many hoping for a Dutch revolution at Old Trafford under Erik ten Hag, but they will require patience as Manchester United need to accept an evolutionary process is the only answer. There is no quick fix given the number of problems that need to be addressed.

Whenever a manager arrives, expectations naturally rise, but it will be important for United fans to limit theirs for this season. Last season showed how far behind Manchester City and Liverpool they are and trying to reach their level will take time. United must embrace the journey they need.

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Many are used to the United of old, the team that dominated the Premier League and challenged the Champions League with bravado. That team has long since disappeared and a new one must be built if they are to dream of those successes once again. However, they need some short-term ambitions to help them achieve long-term ones.

Ten Hag would have liked to implement his style during preseason. He came at a good time in a summer without a men’s tournament, which means no one played until the second week of July and then had to take a break. Ten Hag will have bet on someone like Raphaël Varane who had a good pre-season to reach the required level and settle into the system after the defender was on and off the team and got injured last season.

He will have been identified as an integral part of a youthful side thanks to his experience. There will also be more hope for Jadon Sancho, who fought after the European Championships.

This summer’s episode with Cristiano Ronaldo cannot have helped Ten Hag because he will have sent a message throughout the club. He turned the spotlight on the club’s inability to sign early because they were struggling to attract the required players.

A notable focus for the newcomers have been the players Ten Hag knows well from the Netherlands or with whom he worked at Ajax. It’s a really smart thing to do. They understand his philosophy and can also influence the culture in the locker room by setting standards. He is not the first manager to involve players who know how to execute the game plan and can help speed up the process in the long run. Building a culture within the club from Ten Hag down through the team will be crucial if it is to be successful. This will require players to understand his demands and execute them perfectly season after season.

Those who are new to Ten Hag will learn about him and what he requires. As a player you want the coach to be the focal point on the training pitch. It’s not necessarily a fear factor you need, but as a player you want to be a little fearful of your manager. At the same time, you want them to be empathetic and understanding of the circumstances, and to be clear and purposeful when making decisions and setting a plan, without hesitation. The most successful teams have a dominant character at the top. They need to set the culture and start bringing players with them to make sure everyone is a part of it and heading in the same direction. They also need to be inspiring inside the dressing room, otherwise it won’t work.

Culture and managerial skills are important parts of a club and you need to have both to be successful. The players have to accept the coach and he has to be clear and have that authority and empathy in order for the players to come on board. You can see it in other clubs. Watch James Milner at Liverpool. I know United fans will not appreciate the example, but these types of players are crucial because they keep the positive culture alive and make sure everyone is doing the right things by setting an example. United need that consensus if Ten Hag are to implement effective changes because otherwise they will be in the same vicious circle they have been in for several years.

Winning a cup would be a successful season, no matter what because success breeds success. They can’t just focus on the Premier League and ignore the Europa League. It is an opportunity to win a competition and secure a place in the Champions League, and if they want to reach the top once again they have to get used to playing twice a week. It should also give more players a chance to impress in difficult circumstances.

United fans may want immediate success, but sadly for them the club is a long way from where it was. Sometimes the best things don’t come easily and take some time to grow, but that’s not a bad thing as long as you can witness the green sprouts of promise. This is what Ten Hag hopes to see this season.

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