I’m a blush person now thanks to Rare Beauty

I’m a blush person now thanks to Rare Beauty

I remember the first time a makeup artist ever graced my cheeks with blush; I was seven and celebrating Shichi-Go-San, a traditional Japanese rite of passage when five-year-old boys and three- and seven-year-old girls visit shrines and pray for health and prosperity. In addition to its cultural significance, the holiday is also an important photo shoot, hence the make-up artist. Looking back at the photos now, I can’t help but laugh at how simply, non-functional the look is. My lips were painted a crimson red lacquer and staring into my face were bright pink cheeks that made me look like a Madame Alexander doll. It was enough to completely scare me of blushing into my twenties. Even when I picked it up, the shades gravitated towards blush shades that were as neutral and not red as possible. That was until I tried Rare Beauty’s beloved Soft Pinch Liquid Blush.


When Rare Beauty debuted in 2020, its Soft Pinch blush tubes quickly became a hit, adding new shades last year. With highly pigmented gain and unique shades, they were catnip lovers for blushing, but no wonder. However, I realized they were just as lovely for novices like me. Since a little goes a long way, you can build it easily, creating your own blush adventure. For this story, Selena Gomez Rare Beauty sent me three shades to play with: Joy (a dewy peach), Faith (a matte berry) and Love, a matte terracotta.

Each blush comes in a tube and can be dabbed on the cheeks, the back of the hand or a makeup palette using its oversized doe-shaped applicator. You need a little dot to get a natural color, but you can definitely create a deeper shade. The formulation also dries to a long-lasting finish. Joy was perfect for the summer and I was constantly looking for it outdoors given for dinner and it was perfect for the sunburn but blush trend that’s so popular right now. Faith scared me at first, but in the spirit of the purple blush trend, I dabbed as little as possible right above the cheekbones and blended it out. The result: a fresh berry blush from the cold that I truly loved. My favorite of the group was Love, which I combined with Faith in the selfie here. (Soft Pinch is perfect for mixing, as you can see in the festival of champions above.) A co-worker even complimented my rosy cheeks during a video call – that’s how good this stuff is.


The best-selling blush earned a whopping 698,000 “Loves” on Sephora and has an extremely positive rating to match. “[It’s the] only blush I’ll ever use again! It blends so well even with my fingers, [and] the color matches my skin tone so well, ”enthuses a Sephora customer. At $ 19 a pop (but TBH, they also look and feel * so * luxurious), they’re at the end of the expensive thing – but then again, I seriously doubt I’ll ever run out of one just because I only use one dot for each cheek. Finding the right blush to make your skin glow from within? Now that is rare.

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