‘I insisted with Koulibaly but he wanted to leave.  Mertens, it’s time to say goodbye!  He refused 4.5 million gentlemen … ‘

‘I insisted with Koulibaly but he wanted to leave. Mertens, it’s time to say goodbye! He refused 4.5 million gentlemen … ‘

‘I insisted with Koulibaly but he wanted to leave.  Mertens, it’s time to say goodbye!  He refused 4.5 million gentlemen … ‘

The president of the Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, breaks the silence. In an interview, Fiume a Radio Kiss Kiss Naples I have talked about many topics. Here are his words:

THE MOMENT – “A big hug and greetings to the fans. Calcio Napoli is a wonderful idea, it doesn’t need to be fixed because nothing serious has happened on the way. Calcio Napoli is alive, well, very strong. Maybe I have been misinterpreted : at a certain point in the declarations of the past I talked about the vil currency. I consider that the blue shirt must be considered by the fan as his own skin which on the basis of his identity. So who is more a fan than a player who comes to play in Napoli Only for vil currency? Then one remains bad, very bad, because where is this sense of belonging? “.

KOULIBALI – “I let Koulibaly go because he said ‘President, I have a few years in front of me. Let me go, I want to go’. I replied ‘No, you can’t go to Barcelona because he doesn’t have the money to pay you, he’s in ‘. Then Chelsea came forward and we could not say no. We could not do it because a character like Koulibaly, even if I insisted (which I did for a month and a half offering him 6 million net per season for five years, so 60 million gentlemen), he wants to go and have another experience in a prestigious club, in a league that is perhaps the best in the world, we must also be grateful.

UNPOPULAR CHOICES – “The fan is a fan, De Laurentiis is a club and a fan. I strongly feel the belonging to Napoli, to the colors, to the shirt, I feel it like my skin. But then when I have to think as a club I must not forget that football it has also become an industry and the industry has to follow the rules of the market. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to go against the fan’s wishes “.

MERTENS – “Mertens has proposed for another year, because he knows he is 35 years old and that sooner or later he has to retire. If he too asks for a vile money then I have to say no because I have to defend the possibilities that Napoli in renewing must. So if I were to pay a disproportionate amount to Mr. Mertens it would be missing in the budget of the budget to find a forecast of the next championship what it takes to get younger players. Say hello to Mertens? Absolutely yes because last time I offered him 4.5 million sir and he refused I replied ‘Look, I can only wish you, your wife and your son Ciro all the best. I thank you for what you have given us with your extraordinary demonstrations of competitiveness, ability, seriousness with goals. we cannot beyond our possibility. After all, I have to buy young players who represent Napoli for the matches or seasons. if I knew he was doubtful, he turned up his nose. Maybe even when Cavani arrives. How is it that we are so good that we all become very strong? It is the air of Naples “.

FANS – “Vexed fans? We come out of a unique, unrepeatable period, that of Covid. When you lose more than 200 million, in a huge context like that of football where billions are being lost and we are in a bubble, with so much uncertainty, you feel frustrated. he feels vexed and needs to let off steam. These outbursts of joy that occur in stadiums are also a demonstration of saying ‘I am here, you don’t have your back to you club, favorite team, player.’ When holding press conferences for some topics other topics will perhaps come up, perhaps with an answer that is also misinterpreted because there is no time to refine it, to deepen it with a debate “.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – “The season ticket campaign starts on July 25 and there are several new features. We have provided discounts for families and women with discounts of 50% for children under 14, 30% for the second member of the couple. women will still have a 10% discount. The Lower Curves will cost € 195, € 175 for women, € 136.50 for a couple and € 97 for children under 14 years of age. The upper curves, on the other hand, € 305 , for women € 274.50, couples € 213.50 and children under 14 € 152.50 I Distinti Inferiori 390 €, for women € 351, couples € 273 and children under 14 € 195. Distinti Superiori € 570, women € 513, couples € 399 and under 14 € 285. Grandstand Nisida € 770, women € 693, couples 539 and under 14 € 385. For the Posillipo Grandstand € 1030, € 927 for women, € 721 for couples and € 515 for under 14s.

STAGE – “I was in the Municipality to create a free zone in the stadium, five hours before and five hours after, so that there is a correct pedestrianization with what happens in many Italian cities along less important than Naples. We are trying to also the possibility of creating more lifts, sitting rooms in a number of not less than 40 that are positioned at the top on the side of the Posillipo Tribune and the Distinti. of the 1000 equipped with a particular service for those who must use it. It is clear that the works will be continue, already putting in place the part of the garage, the press room and the other changing rooms for the visiting teams. get the stadium assigned to us by the municipality and we told them to find a land and we will build their athletics track for them.

LITIGATION WITH THE MUNICIPALITY – “I do not want to make the controversy because it is always against those who do not pay and this is very right. But I still have to fix the story of the turnstiles that in 2007/08 I put into comedy by paying myself. It is a kind of dragging itself, I don’t know for the convenience of whom, for a long time. I’m sorry that when Auricchio (former head of cabinet Naples, ed.) was there, Dr. Chiavelli and I presented a hypothesis for a refurbishment of the stadium, immediately bringing 20 million to the table. it was not taken into consideration , Zavanella’s project was not even examined, which was the same one that had collaborated for the Juventus Stadium. The Municipality, in a populist way, said that they wanted a stadium with 55 thousand seats, going against the trend. Today with this new mayor, who he is a person – albeit a Juventus player – who has never put a spoke in the wheel for me and we have created a well-fed table, where everyone plays their role in respect. tadio that must be an asset for Calcio Napoli for the next 99 years. Therefore, Calcio Napoli will respect itself to dismantle that incredible structure that was made for the 1990 World Cup and invest 70-100-150-200 million to make a model stadium that does not have any kind of reductive meaning to the other stadiums that exist in the world ” .

THE NAPLES JERSEY – “The Napoli shirt is the real skin of the fan, something respected and praised in which true passion is identified. We will present the shirt on Wednesday for the friendly match. The fan always wants us to play with the blue shirt, but it happens often that you have to carry other jerseys because there are contaminations from a television shooting point of view. Last year we made 12-13 jerseys, we will do it again this year “.

SIMEON – “I like Simeone a lot. We have to see what the coach thinks of him because he is a very good striker, perhaps he complements himself less than Petagna because he is more similar to Osimhen for his playing attitude. But never say never. We must not play with the team. 4-4-2. The players must not be offended if they are substituted, a match lasts 90 minutes. If there are five substitutions it is because they must be usable in the most correct way. And it is not that those who play in the second half must feel like category b It is the coach who must know how optimistic the use of certain players is against that specific team. “

SHOULDER – “My relationship with Spalletti is sincere, we tell each other what we think. We are not false, this thing does not belong to us. True enough because we are both in the situation of not having to lie”.

KIM – “I like the idea of ​​having a Korean. He is a Korean sui generis, because he is 1.92 meters tall. It intrigues me, I am interested in marrying the Korean condition with the Neapolitan one, in the south. They are two worlds in some way that can they can compensate each other. One very technological but always very southern and the other true, made up of great suggestions and philosophies, cultural overlaps that over the centuries have contaminated each other and makes Naples unique in the world. I hoped that Kim would arrive yesterday, never say never The problem is that when you negotiate and there are certain lawyers, attorneys involved, the contracts are very complicated because you entrust the moon to you and you are surprised because it is the first time they want things like this. I can’t do it, he’s a resident of Turkey and he has to follow that tax law. I think poor Giuntoli will soon become an assistant to Tremonti, because he is learning a second profession “.

DOORMAN – “In our history we have always had goalkeepers with personality and then there was a third who was a reserve, but the first two cannot be a reserve. The fact that one can resent another good goalkeeper coming, even there is It is important that the coach is up to managing the situation. There will be more than 52 matches and it is not that we take a walk in health going to the Champions League. The injuries are many, the pitfalls are around the corner, the Covid is not over. So what, do I have a good first goalkeeper and a second one who is considered a sucker to please the first one? It’s the biggest and most colossal nonsense you can think of. I don’t think someone like Meret can think because if he happens to him an accident – and I do not wish him – who is it that saves? A goalkeeper cannot play 52 games in a year, they have to divide the cake. If you are Napoli you have to equip yourself in this way “.

OBJECTIVE – “The goal? To please the fans, so please the fans in as many occasions as possible and bring them all to a goal that makes them happy. I want them to feel happy. I can’t imagine what teams have made many fewer points than us have happy fans, there are many subscribers, crazy. Then enough when they tell me ‘Il Romano’. I come from an Irpinia family based in Torre Annunziata. We have the Neapolitan sunshine around the world. The three cities that I adore first of all Naples, then London and then Los Angeles. I have never liked the sign of command in Rome “.

ASSIGNMENT – “I read where you try to take stock of the values ​​of my companies, of my actions. A heritage of Filmauro that is based on film writing would be enough to say that I made a film all over the world, which is called Amici My. They questioned that in 2017/18 I turned down an American offer of $ 900 million. Now I have been receiving so many offers for a year and a half that I am sending them back to the sender. I have received three offers from three funds for Bari. The last one for the whole group was 2.5 billion euros. But can I still have fun?

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