Cycling, time trial and cricket action today in Birmingham

Cycling, time trial and cricket action today in Birmingham

Commonwealth Games 2022 cycling time trial cricket day seven - PA

Commonwealth Games 2022 cycling time trial cricket day seven – PA


Jake Wightman wins in 3 minutes 48.334 seconds

It was a slow second heat and therefore the world champion knew he had to finish in the top five to make it to the final on Saturday.

Joining him in the battle for gold will be the English Matt Stonier, the Kenyan Abel Kipsang, the Scotsman Neil Gourley and the New Zealander Samuel Tanner.


Jake Wightman is in the second heat

Of the 1,500 m, in fact a semi-final. The Scotsman is the world champion and the favorite here.

Matt Stonier goes for England and Piers Copeland for Wales and Neil Gourley also goes for Scotland.


Ollie Hoare wins the first heat

The Australian led a breakaway of six and in the top five were Kerr, Heywood and Giles, so all three Home Nations riders qualified for Saturday’s final.


Josh Kerr is about to go into the first heat

Of the 1,500 men. He didn’t come out of the semifinals of the World Cup last month, can he do well here?

The Tokyo bronze medal in a tough (ish) race with Elliot Giles going for England and Heywood for Wales.

The top five of both heats qualify with the next two fastest arriving at the final on Saturday.


In women’s hockey

New Zealand looked strong by beating South Africa 4-1.

Now England and Wales are on the courts at the University of Birmingham – the score is 0-0 in the first quarter.


Grace Brown pushes Anna Henderson to silver

The Englishman was in the lead, but the Australian had the advantage at every checkpoint and she, as expected, made up the time of the hope of home to win in 40 minutes and 5.20 seconds.

Henderson took the silver 33.35 seconds behind, with Georgia Williams taking the bronze, at 1 minute 20.07 seconds.


The decathlon has moved on to the long jump

After 100 meters, the favorite Lindon Victor leads.


Anna Henderson is in the gold medal

After finishing the clock, her time of 40 minutes 38.55 seconds puts her in first place BUT Grace Brown is still on the course and looking strong.


Grace Brown is still in the lead

In the women’s time trial.

The Australian passed the 19.2km checkpoint in 28 minutes and 50.23 seconds. That’s a 23-second lead over England’s Anna Henderson in second and New Zealander Georgia Williams in third, who is 46 seconds behind.


Elaine Thompson-Herah wins her 200 meters

It was easy for the 100m champion who won in 22.80 seconds. The Jamaican star brought Scottish Beth Dobbin and Australian Jacinta Beecher home.

In the fourth heat the Nigerians Favor Ofili won in 22.71 seconds over Gina Bass of Gambia and Asimenya Simwaka of Malawi.


Grace Brown is currently leading the time trial

Grace Brown - REUTERS

Grace Brown – REUTERS


They all passed the first checkpoint

On the women’s time track. And Grace Brown is driving. The Australian overcame the 8.9km mark in 13 minutes and 55.6 seconds. England’s Anna Henderson are second, 4.53 seconds down, with New Zealand’s Williams trailing third 13 seconds behind.


After the first time point

On the women’s time track, it is still the English Anna Henderson who leads. Favorite Grace Brown has yet to pass the first checkpoint at 8.9km.


Hanna Brier

He is second in the third heat of the 200m. The Welsh sprinter followed Jamaican Natalliah Whyte who crossed the finish line in 23.61.

Brier ran 24.04, she can go a lot faster than that, but it’s a case of work done for her to make it. Abi Galpin of Guernsey qualified in third place.


The women’s 200m heats have begun

Christine Mboma of Namibia, Olympic silver medalist, won the first heat in 23.20. She is definitely one to watch with world champion Shericka Jackson not taking part …

Indian 400m specialist Hima Das won the second heat at 11.42pm


All the cyclists are out on the course

On the women’s time track. I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening on the streets of Wolverhampton.


A great return from Jamaica

They were six under against Australia but ended up winning 57-55. They will face the underdog in the England v New Zealand match which will take place later. It’s a very strong four-way final with any quartet able to win gold in their day.

Jamaica Australia netball - GETTY IMAGES

Jamaica Australia netball – GETTY IMAGES


Jamaica pulled it back in netball!

He is currently 50-50 against Australia with just six minutes left in the game …


Lindon Victor just finished off the medals

At the World Cup and here he got off to a good start. He runs 10.76 (915 points) and here he looks strong in defending his title.

Cedri Dubler is also a strong contender and the Australian is second.

Harry Kendall is down on his PB of 10.77 as he runs 11.25 (806 points).


The action is underway on the track

The 100m segment of the decathlon kicks off the action.

Well, it should be underway, but there is a bit of a delay with Britain’s Harry Kendall struggling to lock his number to its maximum … schoolboy mistake!


Abi Smith is away to England

In the women’s time trial.


Still tight in the netball

But the Australians seem the strongest, they are 46-40 ahead with a quarter to go.


The women’s stopwatch

So, with the start of the women’s cycling time trial, here’s everything you need to know.

  • The distance of the course is 29 km

  • It takes place in Wolverhampton

  • There are 36 competitors with a one minute interval between each start

  • Australian Grace Brown is one of the favorites, along with Scotland’s Neah Evans and Isle of Man’s Lizzie Holden

  • Abi Smith, Anna Henderson and Joscelin Lowden choose England

  • Anna Morris, Elynor Backstedt and Leah Dixon will be the participants from Wales

Scotsman Neah Evans has already won a silver and a bronze on the track this week - AP

Scotsman Neah Evans has already won silver and bronze on track so far this week – AP


Still nipping and tucking the netball

Australia lead Jamaica 39-36 with five minutes left in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, in the first hockey match between New Zealand and South Africa, the Kiwis lead 3-0 in the third quarter. They are looking for strong contenders for gold.


Half time in the great battle of netball

It is 30-29 for Australia over Jamaica.

Gretel Bueta of Australia controls the ball during the clash in Birmingham - GETTY IMAGES

Gretel Bueta of Australia controls the ball during the clash in Birmingham – GETTY IMAGES


In the bowls of the lawn

Canadian Ryan Bester just beat Welsh Daniel Salmon 21-10 in the fourth round. The Welshman, who won gold in pairs, did not play his A-game this morning, returned at 11.30.


A match of netball titans

Australia and Jamaica are both unbeaten – four out of four wins – and are currently facing each other. They are currently in the second quarter and the Australians are ahead 19-18. We seem to have a close fight on our hands.


This is a great photo

Of the disbelief and joy that Eilish McColgan felt when she won in golf last night.

Eilish McColgan wins Commonwealth Games gold - SHUTTERSTOCK

Eilish McColgan wins Commonwealth Games gold – SHUTTERSTOCK


Here are some of today’s first highlights

  • In women’s road time trial cycling from 10.00

  • Geraint Thomas of Wales aiming for gold in the men’s time trial just went at noon

  • England will face Wales in hockey from 11:00

  • On the track the Scottish world champion of 1,500 meters Jake Wightman and Josh Kerr enter the heats from 11.25

  • And the dive begins with the English Jack Laugher in qualifying from the 1 meter springboard right after 1.


The top hosts in Birmingham

The seventh day begins with the hosts skyrocketing. Wednesday saw an England medal run with the judo team weighing in successfully, Emily Campbell added Olympic weightlifting silver with gold in Birmingham and Katarina Johnson-Thompson defending her title of heptathlon.

But perhaps the highlight of the day was seeing Scottish Eilish McColgan emulate her mother’s victory in 1986 as she held up the challenge of Kenyan Irene Cheptai down the home straight to win 10,000m gold.

After winning his first heptathlon for four years, KJT later revealed that he also battled the pain of losing his grandmother Mary last week.

“Unfortunately she died a couple of days later [the World Championships], so it’s been a tough week, ”Johnson-Thompson said tearfully. “I’m just happy to get over it. It was especially tough as the last home champions at Glasgow Indoors [in 2019] he was here, so it was hard enough not to see his face in the crowd.

On his victory which expanded his career he added: “It’s fantastic, this competition served me so well and I got my first gold here and that football started my career at the time. I had a tough couple of years. , I hope this is the start of my next new career!

“It was difficult, I had moments where I didn’t know if I wanted to move on. To come here and get over it and actually get the gold, I proved to myself that it was worth it.”

KJT celebrates its gold in Birmingham - FOOTWEAR

KJT celebrates its gold in Birmingham – SHUTTERSTOCK

For McColgan the victory, ahead of her mother, 1991 world champion and double Commonwealth gold medalist Liz, the victory was all the more remarkable as she had seven weeks out of Covid along with other injuries in the run up to the World Cup. last month’s Championships in which she finished 10th.

“It’s just been a year of ups and downs with Covid, another disease, a couple of hassles at the wrong time,” he said. “But I knew the physical form was in me. I couldn’t have asked for more. “

Today there is more action on the track with the start of the men’s decathlon, the men’s 1,500 meters and the men’s and women’s 200 meters.

The streets of Birmingham will be closed with men’s and women’s individual time trials and there will be a host of other action including hockey, cricket and petanque.

Stay here for all the action.

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