Bose Wave Music System IV is on sale on HSN

Bose Wave Music System IV is on sale on HSN

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Front view of the Bose Wave with a remote control and a CD next to it to show that it can be controlled by the remote and also play CDs.

You think Spotify and Pandora are great, but still want to enjoy your beloved CDs? Bose is here to keep those physical media alive. (Photo: Bose)

Sure, the digital age is great and all, but there’s still a lot to be said about the sound of physical media and good old over-the-air radio. If you’re one of those people who can’t let go of your CDs and love to tune in to the FM or AM band, the Bose Wave Music System IV is just what you’ve been looking for.

HSN has lowered the price of this set, which includes a Bluetooth receiver, from $ 500 to just $ 300. This is the lowest price we have found on the web. Trust us, this baby will fly off the shelves.

Don’t want to pay everything at once? Go for five installments of just $ 60 instead. Also, if you are a first time HSN buyer, you can get an extra $ 20 discount on your purchase with the code HSN2022.

The Bose Wave Music System IV, available in Espresso Black and Platinum Silver, delivers epic sound and comes with a plug-in PAWW Bluetooth receiver, so you can wirelessly sync your smartphone or laptop (there’s also an auxiliary port if you want to connect another device) – it’s a great marriage of old school and enabled technology. The design is sleek, minimal, and subtle, so this powerhouse can fit pretty much anywhere you want it and the sound is epic.

Do you like waking up to the sound of music or the headlines of the day on the radio? You can also program the system timer to synchronize it with your preferences. There is no shortage of amazing features in this small and powerful sound system. It has an autoloading CD player for all the beloved albums you’ve overlooked, a headphone jack, and Waveguard speaker technology that amplifies everything beautifully, from your favorite podcasts to your workout playlists.

$ 300 $ 500 at HSN

Bose Wave on a multimedia console with remote control located next to it and digital screen on the front illuminated with the time.

Music delivery systems change, but the beauty and elegance of a Bose unit are timeless. (Photo: Bose)

Bose reviewers praise the longevity of this sound system and its superior sound quality. See below to find out why shoppers are obsessed with the Bose Wave Music System IV.

Superior sound quality

“There’s no question the sound is great,” wrote a five-star Bose reviewer.

“Perfect system for the home,” wrote another buyer. “The sound is simply stunning and fills the entire room. Radio reception is superb and the ability to play Internet radio via TuneIn brings this product firmly into the 1920s!

Bose Wave set up on a media console in a living room with remote control nearby.

It will wake you from sleep, accompany you to work and wake you up after a work nap! (Photo: Bose)

Virtually perfect, in every sense

“I wanted a new Bose, with a CD player, for another room, so the System IV was a natural choice …” shared a longtime Bose fan. “The AM / FM stereo radio and CD player work flawlessly and the sound quality is equal to or better than a top-drawer stereo system with large bookshelf speakers I have owned before. All in an attractive and compact package. “

The Bose Wave Music System IV produces “stunning sound,” added another satisfied customer. “I have played a dozen of my CDs with even better results,” the fan continued. “The music just got better!”

Take this HSN sale while you can – the $ 200 discount offer lasts today only. If there are any left, the price will rise to $ 360 tomorrow.

$ 300 $ 500 at HSN

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