The Top 20 ‘Destiny 2’ Exotic Weapons That Need The Most Help

This week, Bungie said that in season 19, next season of Destiny 2, they would be looking at 26 different exotic weapons, with a focused on underused and underperforming ones. Though they did say a few nerfs are in there, and we know one major one already, Divinity.

So, I’m going to say maybe, 20 of those 26 are buffs, and as such, I’m going to make a top 20 list of what I think are most underused or underperforming exotic weapons in the game right now. Some may be old, others new, but all of these could use a helping hand. At first I tried to go in order but that was hard because so many of these are so heavily underperforming. So it’s a grab bag.

1. Cerebrus+1 – It’s a fun weapon, but not good enough to be useful in most instances. I mean if you want to give it explosive rounds, I won’t complain.

2. Sweet Business – Swear to god they have done like four different buffs to this thing and it’s still not great. Keep going.

3. Monte Carlo – The only thing I really need here is the ability to stab people with the bayonet like a glaive, which Bungie hinted may actually happen.

4. Bastion – Bastion’s exotic perk is essentially…nothing, since it’s far from the only kinetic slot fusion rifle now. Needs a boost and an extra trick up it’s sleeve.

5. Dead Man’s Tale – This has been nerfed to the point of annoyance so it’s time to give it some of its magic back.

6. Wavesplitter – This has a moment when it was super easy to give it volatile rounds, but it’s outclasses by Ruinous Effigy and way less interesting. Needs help.

7. Borealis – Exotic snipers are always tricky to make good but Borealis has underwhelmed for roughly Destiny 2’s entire lifespan.

8. Merciless – This got a little buff a while back but remains too uninteresting use.

9. Hard Light – Other than that one weird Trials weekend where everyone was bouncing Hard Light off the walls, this gun has never really had its moment in the sun. Could do something fun with element 3.0 stuff here.

10. Polaris Lance – While giving Sunshot solar 3.0 perks may break it, I think you could spare a few for Polaris Lance here and it would be fine. Incandescent, anyone?

11. Tarrabah – Really at this point this thing just needs a catalyst. Ravenous Beasts boosts that don’t break PvP, perhaps.

12. Eriana’s Wow – Was essential until it wasn’t because Arbalest dunked it in the garbage can. Needs help.

13. Symmetry – I continually forget this weapon exists.

14. Tommy’s Matchbook – Seems like another candidate for Solar 3.0 integration if you ask me.

15. All Exotic Glaives – I retain the idea that all of these need fundamental reworks in terms of how their exotic perks activate rather than the awkward hold to reload thing. It’s way too clunky and I still hate all of these.

16. The Prospector – This had maybe 30 seconds where it was a top DPS options but it’s boring and needs help.

17. DARCI – Even with some massive buffs this has yet to be meta and still in search of a good place to exist in the heavy slot.

18. Whisper of the Worm – No longer needs to be nerfed the way it was back when it was ruling the slot. It’s time to restore some of its former glory.

19. The Queenbreaker – You could make the case that this has the least use cases for a weapon in the entire game.

20. Salvation’s Flu – Sorry, sorry, you could make the case that THIS has the least uses cases for a weapon in the entire game. Christ, this thing…

So, that’s my list. Anything to add?

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