Square Enix Says Final Fantasy 14 Is Under Attack by Hackers

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Hackers never let people take a break, and multiplayer online role-playing games are always the target of heinous acts of data collection. The latest victim? Square Enix’s super popular Final Fantasy XIVIt is currently subject to a “third party attack” attempting to hack into its account management system, the company announced yesterday. Solution? Company IHe advises people to log into their profiles and change their passwords.

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Square Enix took to the game’s official website to deliver the news. Inside blog postThe company said that this third-party organization “used a combination of email address and password that appears to have been taken from other companies’ online services” to log into Square Enix’s account management system. No information appears to have been leaked yet. But Square Enix said that besides investigating the effects of the attack by “restricting access to accounts we believe may have been compromised by unauthorized users,” you should really consider changing your account password. The company is so committed to this that it emails potentially compromised users, so you might want to check your inbox.

“Using the same email address and password combination for your Square Enix account as you use for other online services increases the likelihood of a third party gaining unauthorized access to your Square Enix account,” the company said, encouraging players to change their passwords now. . “Furthermore, even if your email address and password combination is not the same as used for other services, there is still a high risk of your account being compromised if your password contains easily recognizable strings or strings such as your date of birth. ”

my box reached out to Square Enix for comment.

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While Square Enix’s blog post states that the game is experiencing an “increasing number of unauthorized access attempts,” the exact scale of the effort to hack into the account management system is unknown. With around 19 million active accounts and nearly 40 million subscribers registered Final Fantasy XIV, the company has many potential vulnerabilities to worry about. If the attack continues, the company said it could initiate a password reset for all Square Enix accounts. The important stuff, especially considering that your Square Enix account contains tons of personal information like your date of birth and payment information.. So if a FFXIV Player, it’s probably a good idea to change your password right now. And make sure you enable two factor authentication on your account for additional security.

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