Google says Pixel 6 and 6a are ‘fastest selling’ phones yet, but Pixel 3 is best-selling

Prior to the Pixel 7 launch yesterday, Google proudly announced that with the addition of the Pixel 6a series, the Pixel 6 is Google’s “fastest selling” series to date.

According to Rick Osterloh, the Pixel 6 generation, including the Pixel 6/Pro and Pixel 6a, was the “fastest selling Pixel generation ever”.

That’s a sentiment we’ve heard before from Google. Earlier this year at I/O, the company said that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were selling faster than past generations, even before the 6a’s launch. Google also confirmed that the phones are selling more than both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 combined.

Adding more context to new data from this statistic IDC sheds more light on this success.

shared with Bloomberg’s Vlad Savov on Twitter, the Pixel 6 series did indeed outsell previous generations in its first few months, including the Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 4 and far Interestingly, this data shows that the Pixel 4 has seen more than five million sales in total, beating the Pixel 5. more That’s more than the Pixel 6 generation has accomplished to date.

This data also seems to show a trend in Pixel 6 sales, with Google leading strong numbers in its first six months, but falling sharply in the following months, which was only part of that initial boom. There are no words provided on the timeline these numbers are based on, however, so there’s a chance that a few months of Pixel sales data are missing.

Regardless, the fascinating statistic here is apparently the success of the Pixel 3 generation. until today Google’s most popular, sold between 7-8 million units worldwide. The first six months accounted for the bulk of that accordingly. IDC, apparently against Google’s claim that the Pixel 6 sells faster. Of course, Google didn’t specify the timeline it looked at to arrive at this stat, but looking back at the first six months, it seems that the Pixel 3 is actually Google’s fastest.

Savov also points to another interesting trend where Google seems to be a little more successful in the long run when it sells both larger and smaller phones. The first four generations of the Pixel had standard and “XL” variants, while the Pixel 5 only had one size, and the Pixel 6 generation consisted only of larger devices. However, it’s hard to know for sure if size really has an effect on this.

In any case, it’s interesting to see this data and see the real ups and downs of the Pixel line to date.

Google reportedly has big plans for the Pixel 7 series, has ordered more than eight million phones, and plans to “double” sales, according to a recent report to suppliers. Pixel 7 pre-orders are open. Our Kyle Bradshaw shared the best deals out there, including Best Buy’s $200 gift card and Google’s increased trade-in credits.

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