Google Assistant’s new updates will make your Made by Google devices more helpful

At the Made by Google event that took place yesterday, Google highlighted some of the most recent updates to its Assistant’s robust AI capabilities, including new and creative methods for interacting more intuitively with it on the newly launched Pixel 7 series and the Pixel Watch. These are the most notable updates announced:

Assistant Voice Typing

Google Assistant voice typing will now work 2.5x faster than just using your keyboard when typing, editing, and sending messages. This increase in speed will apply not only in the English language but also in Spanish, Italian, and French. Assistant voice typing also will suggest emojis relevant to your messages and enable you to search for them with your voice without knowing the exact name. So basically, you can now say things like “LOL emoji” or “prayer hands emoji.”

Calling Features

Pixel users have enjoyed features like Call Screening, Direct my Call, voice message transcription, and “Quick Phrases,” which give you hands-free help on some tasks without having to say “Hey Google” every time. However, with the new updates to the Assistant on the Pixel 7, you can now say “Silence” when you are not ready to pick up a phone call and want to dismiss it. Additionally, the Recorder app on Pixel 7 will soon include Speaker labels to distinguish and transcribe each speaker’s words separately, allowing you to easily capture meeting and interview notes.

Proactive At-a-Glance

The At-a-Glance feature has been part of the Pixel launcher since the beginning and it’s a pivotal part of its DNA. This year, it has gained significant quality-of-life-improving abilities, such as letting you know if it’s going to rain or snow in your rea in the next hour, if that package you are waiting for has arrived, providing you with a video feed from your Nest doorbell, or flight and baggage information when traveling.

Google Assistant on the Pixel Watch

You will be able to use Assistant on the sleek, new Pixel Watch, the upcoming Pixel Tablet, and of course, on your new or existing Pixel smartphone. On the Watch, you will be able to send messages, set a timer, control your connected home devices, and begin your run. Alternatively, if you’re wearing your Pixel Buds, you can say, “Hey Google, play my workout playlist” to get your cardio on.

It’s no surprise to anyone how helpful Google Assistant has been to anyone that has had experience using it. Sure, it’s not perfect and it can, sometimes, mishear or offer up information that was not requested. Weird quirks aside, the Assistant is with me every day to help me set timers and control the obsession-level amount of smart lights and devices I have in my home. It’s difficult now to imagine a world without it, just make sure to tell it “thank you” after it has helped you — you know, just in case.

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