More than 50 people found their tires slashed in Portland’s Roseway neighborhood, police say

More than 50 people in Portland’s Roseway neighborhood awoke Saturday to discover their car tires slashed in a bizarre vandalism spree that police said they are continuing to investigate.

A North Precinct officer responded to a call about 8:50 am in the 2800 block of Northeast 72nd Avenue. There, one person’s car had two tires punctured.

Soon, the officer learned the single car was just one of more than four dozen vehicles discovered with tires slashed in and around Roseway Heights Middle School, roughly between Northeast 72nd and 77th avenues and Northeast Sandy Boulevard south to Alameda Street, police said.

Dan Holland said he and his wife headed out Saturday to run a couple of errands when neighbors approached them.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a lot of people got their tires slashed overnight and your cars did too,” Holland said a neighbor told him.

One front tire on his black Mini Cooper was punctured and all four tires on his mother-in-law’s silver Honda CR-V were slashed. They were both parked outside his Northeast Stanton Street home, at the corner with Northeast 72nd Avenue.

All four tires on the silver Honda belonging to Dan Holland’s mother-in-law were found slashed early Sat., Oct. 1, 2022, on Northeast Stanton Street.

“It’s senseless,” he said. “I can’t imagine what prompted it, or what they were trying to accomplish by doing it.”

Holland has lived in his home for 18 years. He last called police about a month ago when street racers were zooming past his house to 72nd and Sandy Boulevard, where they took over the road doing donuts and racing. He said he was on hold with 911 at the time for about 20 minutes.

Sharon Greenberg said her partner was headed to work Saturday about 7:30 am in his white Toyota Tacoma when he noticed one tire was flattened. He thought maybe he had run over something, Greenberg said, but he soon realized all four tires were punctured.

Greenberg said she was in her backyard working on her garden and overheard neighbors behind her house talking about their slashed tires.

“Oh, this isn’t random, oh my goodness,” she said she thought.

She’s lived on Northeast 72nd Avenue across from the middle school since 2009, and she said this was the first widespread act of vandalism that she can recall.

“I think it’s representative of what’s happening in Portland — people acting out,” she said, noting her security camera wasn’t operating that morning or overnight.

Her partner ended up biking to his job Saturday. The truck with slashed tires was vandalized while it sat in her driveway, but remained parked Sunday outside the home, the tires deflated.

On Monday, she and her partner hope to have it towed by AAA to a shop to get the tires repaired.

“It’s all you can do,” she said.

Police are continuing to investigate and ask anyone who was impacted to file a police report online on the Police Bureau’s website, referencing case No. 22-263990.

Victims should document any damage to their vehicles with photographs and preserve any invoices or receipts showing their costs to fix the damage.

Some video from the neighborhood caught a man in a baseball cap walking nonchalantly up a home’s driveway, bending down and striking tires with some type of instrument, before walking away.

Police ask that people share any video surveillance with investigators to assist in their efforts to identity one or more suspects. Any evidence should be sent by email to [email protected], with attention made to the North Precinct Neighborhood Response Team with the above case number.

“Future prosecution may allow for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office to aggregate charges as appropriate,” the Police Bureau said in a statement. “It takes a great deal of documentation and evidence to successfully prosecute vandalism cases with multiple victims, and the community participation can make a big difference.”

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