Bridget was picked as Season 2’s first DLC character partially to increase Japan’s ‘sluggish’ Guilty Gear Strive sales

The developers also acknoweldge fans’ desire to see That Man as a playable character

Guilty Gear Strive is the best-selling entry in the franchise to date and the first Arc System Works original game to cross 1 million copies sold, but the vast majority of those numbers came from overseas.

4Gamer recently held an interview with Strive’s Director Akira Katano and Producer Ken Miyauchi where the developers discuss their reasoning behind their DLC decisions and approach going into Season 2.

One of the more interesting repsonses came when the interviewer asked about Bridget’s reveal where Katano revealed they picked her as the first Season 2 DLC character to try and increase Strive’s “sluggish” sales in Japan.

That apparently worked.

“Originally, we were trying to increase overseas sales for this game, and that worked well, but it’s a fact that domestic sales were sluggish,” said Katano. “It has grown rapidly in Japan as a result of Bridget joining the competition. I realized that everyone had been waiting for her for so long.”

This is a notable change of pace from Season 1 led by Goldlewis Dickinson, which was also touched upon.

Katano discusses they didn’t want to initially lean into the cute anime aesthetic so that it wouldn’t give off the impression of being just another anime fighter, so they went with Goldlewis as someone with a more neutral image.

Although the first handful of new DLC focused on story characters, Katano says he brought back Testament because he’s had a strong desire to bring them back ever since Guilty Gear Xrd.

The developers also note that series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari has prepared design sketches for pretty much every Guilty Gear character possible whether they make it into a game or not.

Season 2’s new balance and features didn’t exactly turn Strive on its head so far, but that was apparently part of the plan.

Katano and Miyauchi describe how their focus for much of Season 2 is polishing what they’ve already put in the game over its first year.

Perhaps a Season 3 will shake Strive up in a much larger way because Katano says they certainly don’t plan to stop with Season 2.

Fans have also been waiting over 20 years to see That Man, Asuka R. Kreutz, as a playable character, but when pressed about the master magician Miyauchi would only say “just please look forward to it” with a laugh.

“I think we’re choosing characters that will hook a variety of people,” said Katano. “Of course, we recognize that there are many fans who want Asuka to participate.”

Guilty Gear Strive still has 3 more DLC characters planned for Season 2, but before them, the game will be receiving a cross-platform play beta test later this month between PC and PlayStation players.

You can find the full interview with Strive’s developers on 4Gamer although it’s all in Japanese.

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