RAAD Designs in INSIDER Mag

The Insider , #1 business news web site in the US and the UK, introduces the most memorable outfits of the winter olympic .
Writer : Caroline Praderio
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هفت لباس برتر المپیک زمستانی در سایت USA Todayاعلام شد.

“ USA Today “در رتبه بندی
نام ایران در کنار آمریکا و سوئد در این لیست قرارداشت .
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RAAD contract with Iran’s Greatest Football Club

Esteghlal F.C

قرارداد خانه مد راد و استقلال با موضوع پوشش این تیم فوتبال به امضا رسید .
“ نگاه ما به این اتفاق ،نگاهی فراتر از رنگ هاست وتلاش میکنیم دنیایی جذاب نیز ،در خارج از زمین سبز ،خلق کنیم

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Branko Ivankovic

Football Coach

Hamed Behdad

Award winning Actor
طراح لباس رضا گلزار خانه مد راد

Reza Golzar

طراح لباس احسان علیخانی

Ehsan Alikhani

TV Host and Film Producer
raad fashion house

Mohsen Yeganeh


Vahid Jalilvand

Award Wining Director

Amir Aghaee

طراح لباس هومن خلعتبری

Hooman Khalatbari

Classical Musician

Ali Zandevakili

Iranian Folk Singer

Pejman Bazeghi

raad fashion house

Ali Mosafa


Milad Keymaram


Ehsan Khajehamiri


Sam Derakhshani


Babak Jahanbakhsh


Mehrdad Sedighian

A Tailored Suit is Made to Fit Your Body

Your body is unique, so why wouldn’t your suit fit you perfectly? Cut and sewn to fit you, a tailored suit should fit like a refined mold that accentuates your best features and disguises the ones you prefer to hide.

Materials Matter

Custom suits are like works of art; they’re made by experienced artisans who know how to handle exquisite materials. Simply put, a tailored custom-suit is made better, and with better materials, than off-the-rack suits.


The differences between an off-the-rack suit and a tailored suit are profound when it comes to how it transforms your look. Your occupation and body type don’t matter– a tailored suit is meant to fit your body, so it will ultimately look better on you than a generic, off-the-rack suit.

Personalized Design

Choosing a tailor-made suit is choosing unlimited personalization and design opportunities. Custom suits allow the wearer to design and express their personal style. From color and texture choices to accentuating details, taking part in the design process can be a rewarding element of buying and then wearing a custom-made suit. Building that unique suit you’ve always wanted can be an amazing experience that ultimately makes you feel like the best, and most true, you.

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Private Showroom Experience

What you don’t realize about the custom clothing process is that — you’re the designer. Well the designer within reason. Sitting down with a stylist, they’re very in-tuned with what’s going to work and what’s not. Obviously, you’ll have the final word in the matter, however; they’re aware of what the trends are and how they relate to your style. That’s a long way of saying, they’re not going to let you create something that doesn’t look good. The full customization process is only something that you can take advantage of during your showroom visit.

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RAAD Collections

you can see some of our designs from 2018 Collections